B2LiNKER Pursued Talents

Problem solving skills

Boundless Evolutionist

B2LiNK's business model should constantly evolve into the most efficient way to achieve our vision. We want B2LiNKers to be proactive problem solvers who can promptly react and adjust to the ever changing business environment, rather than to be experts in static areas.


Dreaming Realist

B2LiNK opposes an irrational and authoritative business environment. We want B2LiNKers to think rationally and solely focus on business, for us to shape the ideal environment in B2LiNK.

Exceptional sense of ownership

B2LiNK Lover

B2LiNKers are the owners of B2LiNK. We want all B2LiNKers to embrace and persistently strive to reach our shared vision, and become the true owners of B2LiNK.

Code Of Conduct

There are 5 codes of conduct all B2LiNKers should embrace. We set these as our top priority and work towards them everyday.

Dream big

Be proactive with persistent attitude

Make decisions for the benefit of all B2LiNKers

Mistakes are only allowed when one can learn more through them

Become a colleague with whom others want to work together with