Personal Management System

  • Everyone, including the CEO, has an equal right to speak
  • Everyone strives to do their best in a community where all personalities and differences are respected
  • Individual decisions on personal tasks within the framework of the mutually agreed rules are respected

Compensation System

  • A compensation system based on a fair and comprehensive evaluation of individual and team performances
  • Stock options granted every year for employees, as per the principle of employees being the owners of the company
  • Special rewards and vacations granted based on the number of years of employment

Training System

  • Long-term individual / job-specific planning for global human resources development
  • Various programs that work towards enhancing job competence
  • Chinese / Korean / English language classes
  • Work related book purchases fully funded
  • Special guest lectures, 'B-Together'

Employee Welfare System

  • Team day - monthly social gathering expenses supported
  • Various clubs - B2LiNKers connect through social activities
  • Team snack fee - monthly team snack fees supported
  • BNB DAY(B2LiNKer & Breakfast Days) - Breakfast provided in special BNB days
  • Special early finish - a special gift to B2LiNKers on their or their spouse's birthday and anniversary
  • B2LiNK day - Family sales for B2LiNKers to purchase affiliated brand products at discounted prices
  • Welcome KIT provided for new employees
  • Discount at affiliated gyms and hotels
  • Dinner and transportation expenses supported when working overtime