B2LiNK Services

Why B2LiNK?

We are the most professional global beauty experts,
and we provide A-to-Z service to sell global beauty products in overseas.

We provide distribution of

global beauty brands with

the help of our IT based


Our real-time data platform lets you check and follow your order status at any time. You can also monitor your competitors' performance to improve your market strategy. The platform can also analyze your marketing performance and its direct/indirect effects on sales.

We work with more than

100 global beauty brands

Since the establishment of B2LiNK, we have partnered with approximately 150 global beauty brands and marketed and distributed their products within China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. We understand each brand’s philosophy and unique selling propositioning for their items through building and maintaining strong partnership with them.

We have "KNOW-HOW"

for different markets

Marketing global beauty products in China and the United States are two very different tasks. We are a market leading player who understands the different distribution and marketing strategies for different countries, based on our own database compiled through years of global trading experience.

Customized Selection
B2Link can provide comprehensive information of global beauty brands and curate suitable brands for individual buyers. We can provide the latest information about the most popular brands and their products.
Product Optimization
We optimize the products based on different consumer needs, channels, and regulations on packaging and labelling.
Wholesale One Stop Solution
For channels, we are the bridge to hundreds of undiscovered K-beauty products and brands that are just out of reach. We create innumerable selling opportunities, while simplifying the processes for both the brands and the channels.

Pricing and product inquiries.

There are thousands of different cosmetic brands They are mostly unknown brands in the global market, and require a process of raising brand/product awareness to create global demand. In this regard, B2LiNK works as a brand incubator and collaborates with global beauty influencers to create buzz and bring up brand recognition.

Collaboration opportunity for beauty influencers
Beauty influencers from all over the world can access products from thousands of brands through B2LiNK.

Sponsored Video on YouTube
Global beauty influencers can have the opportunity to collaborate with the brands of their choice through B2LiNK. B2LiNK selectively matches the best fitted brands for the influencer, then builds up a product story line that delivering the key points of the featured products,
helping direct the content creation.
Product Review on Instagram
It is crucial for new brands to receive honest reviews from various influencers.
Influencers can partner up with B2LiNK to try out new products from our incubating brands and post honest reviews on their social media channels.
Product launch collaboraion
Influencers can then potentially gain further opportunities for collaborated product launches with their own names through partnering with B2LiNK.